Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I dreamt that there was a group of us in a room, but I was leaning against a wall while a singer was seated on the props next to me.

While we were in the midst of a conversation, I felt a soft nudge on my left arm before a hand landed on the spot above my hip bone. I turned with a fiery gleam in my eyes to see that it was a good male friend of mine.

I was rolling my eyes because it has occurred once in real life. I mean, not the nudge - but the hip bone part. (It is ironic that we're still good friends in the dream when we aren't in frequent communication in real life.)

I didn't know what song was blasting through the speakers, but I heard the words of "my ex is nice". It was a familiar song that I knew and started singing to it with the singer. Although I wasn't looking at my good friend, I could feel the jealous vibe off him.

His mood improved when we started playing cards (blackjack or poker, I can't remember) and I had to help him in the beginning since he was bad at it. I saw my chance when he was concentrating on the game to seek help from another friend via WhatsApp.

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