Thursday, September 22, 2016


Surprising me for the third time, I woke up with swollen eyes - an indication that either I didn’t have quality sleep or I must’ve cried at one point in my sleep. It took a while for my mind to think before I realized that it’s the latter.

I dreamt that there was a murder, but the evidence kept pointing to the possibility that it was done in retaliation for something that occurred in the past as an accident. I raced through the hospital corridor in a state of panic after receiving the news. When I saw the good friend in sunglasses at the distance with a sad smile outside the mortuary, I burst into tears as I knew that there was no denying the truth.

The person didn’t survive the impact of the car crash and succumbed to the injuries en-route to the hospital.

A visit to the past was needed to understand the motive and intention behind the person’s death. The next scene went all the way back to the 1900s Malaysia, where it looked like a slum with dilapidated buildings and the electrical wires exposed to air. It was a tragedy waiting to occur. The timeline skipped to years later. I was in a back room, dealing with our dog’s urine when I heard an acquaintance talking to my housemate. My heart sank when the acquaintance broke the news of a death.

Yes, I know the dream does not make full sense. Even I’m struggling to break it apart for interpretation. Like, why would my good friend show up in the dream?!


  1. Oh dear, what a scary dream! It must be so uncomfortable waking up with swollen eyes, dear. Better rest well & have a good weekend ^_^

    1. It was more of the context that slightly worried me, Shirley. I didn't have to head out for the entire day after the dream, so it was all good. =) I will, thanks. Take care, yeah?

  2. It's amazing how our dreams can stay with us for some time afterwards. They say dreams are our minds processing all of the input from the day, so ideas get jumbled together.

    1. I know right, Yum List. My Mom has told me that if you think of something too much during the day, it'll visit you in your dreams at night. I'm hoping that this is one of those ridiculous dreams - instead one warning me of a future event...


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