Monday, September 12, 2016

Torn between two . . . goals and one fact

There’s no way I’ll have such dreams unless my subconscious is extremely exhausted or it’s screaming for help.

I dreamt that we were late for our lecture in Hughes and when we arrived there, the lecture theatre was packed to the brim. We tried to squash our way into the few vacant seats remaining at the back. The lecturer verbally dragged us down to the front, where we found out that there were vacant rows of seats. It was like the invisible cloud surrounding that area cleared up. A coursemate was quietly sitting on one of the seats and stealing a moment’s rest when we made ourselves comfortable next to her. We were later at a dimly-lit parking garage, rushing to find our way out as there was a feeling of being chased or followed by someone.

In the next scene, I dreamt that there was a fire warning issued for the landed property that we lived in. We rushed to move all of the furniture and personal belongings out of the residence as fast as we could to a nearby safe place. The landscape was left alone, but I ended up walking through the fire, unscathed and alone. Oddly, I didn’t feel panic or fear - just serenity and security.

I also dreamt that a friend (his identity wasn’t revealed) and I took time out and went on an adventure to a resort. This was because he could see that I was heading towards the path of a nervous breakdown (although I was unaware of it). We obviously took separate rooms within walking distance to each other’s. I remember walking along the wooden route, heading to somewhere and being carefree and happy.

For the second dream, my personal interpretation of the dream is that I do crave an isolation period, away from the peers and in a place where no one can contact me. It is arguable that the moving of items indicates that the triggers need to be eliminated in a swift manner. Could the fire warning be a signal of me potentially losing my temper?. I don’t know, but it’s possible. It’s true, though. I’m reaching that stage where the stress is beginning to weigh me down.

For the third dream, is this a sign that someone is the panacea to the unspoken pressures I’m facing? Or, is someone worried for my emotional well-being? If so, I know who this dream is pointing to. Maybe I’m just in dire need for a beach/resort getaway?


  1. You remind me so much of myself in my younger years - such vivid dreams. To your questions - I think it's a need for a resort getaway. ;-)

    1. I've spoken to a friend about this before, Yum List, and she said that weird dreams to tend to occur when the brain's bored or tired. The only problem is that some of the dreams do carry weight (such as the one about exams and Golden Retrievers). =/

      I'd love a resort getaway - just don't have the extra dough at the moment. ><

  2. Very interesting interpretation of your dreams. Perhaps the fire alarm signals that you feel out of control in your life, that perhaps you might feel not just stressed but you are losing sight of what really matters to you. I agree with your interpretation of your second dream - maybe you do want time to yourself, but maybe you are also searching for a place that makes you feel that you can be who you want to be.

    I have weird dreams all the time. Earlier this year, I dreamt of my work. I was in a new job early in the year and was supposed to be there only for some time. Then I had a dream where they would extend my time til the end of the year - but at that time I had no intention of staying. Let's say, that came true :D

    1. I guess you're probably correct, Mabel. I've been feeling like I landed myself in a pile of mess and losing control of my life. I'm not sure what's important anymore. I guess it's just another method that the subconscious is using to communicate with me. *sighs*

      Whoa, that's awesome! That means they actually value your contribution and presence in the company! Congrats, Mabel! =)


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