Thursday, October 20, 2016

Memorable Songs - Part 1

After almost three years, I still can remember the events attached to this song. Someone dragged me to the back of the Mac Lab during our mutual break and made me listen to this song. It was his favourite song and he used to continuously listen to this. He totally forgot that he left his MacBook Pro in the room and messaged me with panic in the evening when he couldn't find it in his backpack. Since my History class was in the first period, I threw my bag in the room and rushed to Mac Lab. The laptop was still safe. He treated me to lunch at the nearby cafe to thank me for my efforts (?).

Ah, the first time I was exposed to this song was during HUO 11, where the lyrics connected with me emotionally. Tears welled up in my eyes to the point where I was silently sobbing, embarrassing myself in front of my group of friends. My History mate caught wind of it (I think he heard me sniffling and saw me swiping at my eyes) and silently offered the entire packet of tissue papers to me. As if I wasn't insane enough, this song accompanied me on the Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth.

I usually avoid listening to this song because I'll be still caught up emotionally.


  1. I recall this song. It has a catchy tune. It's funny how lyrics, especially when attached to music, can have such a profound emotional effect. There's a couple of songs that do the same thing to me.

    1. Which one, Yum List? "High Hopes" or "Cups"? I know right... this article that was written in Chinese states that it is the memories associated with the song that allows us to feel the emotions. I guess this makes sense why heartbroken people listen to break-up songs for healing or to move on. Or maybe, it's just our individual interpretation of the lyrics?


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