Friday, October 7, 2016

Replacing FOMO with GOMO

I was approached by Eventbrite not too long ago to help contribute a post on the dangers of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and how GOMO (Getting Out More Often) should instead be encouraged. FOMO is defined as the action of compulsively checking for updates and messages for the fear of missing out on the juicy details from your friends. As a young millennial who struggles to maintain the perfect balance between academia and personal life, like everyone else, I’m familiar with the first-hand experience of FOMO. I’m one of those people who will fight tooth and nail to remain indoors in the residence, but will, more often than not, be compulsively hooked to social media for updates. It’s a slight overstatement for me because I don’t leave my social media accounts open 24/7 a day, waiting to be the first one in the know, but I’m sure you get the drift?

Now that I’m no longer that young (don’t let my facial features fool you, I’m actually older than I look), I realized that the degree of GOMO will change with age. Why not jump at the opportunity to GOMO and experience life while I still have the opportunity to do so and balance the stress spanning from the degree I’m pursuing (yes, it’s capable of inciting mental harm if I’m not careful).

The message of this post is to replace the FOMO with the habit of GOMO (within financial limits, obviously!). There are wonderful benefits in GOMO while treating yourself with your hard-earned cash on memorable experiences. Believe me when I say that there’s more to life than being attached to your phone screen or the social media accounts.

First and foremost, you only live once

Instead of spending most of your free time to Netflix and chill, why don’t you embark on an adventure around your suburb? Maybe check out that newly-opened cafe that you’ve been longing to patronize but never had the time to do so? Or, maybe, donate to the fundraising events organized by charitable organizations and concurrently volunteer with them. No amount of words can describe the satisfaction of volunteering as it allows you to understand life from a different perspective.

Attend music festivals/concerts

Do nothing but eat, live, and breathe the ambience. There’s nothing more satisfying than to exit the auditorium on an all-time musical high. It cleanses your emotional wellbeing and accords a better mood.

Take a well-deserved vacation

After giving it your all in your studies or career, it is undeniable that your mind, body, and soul will need a break from all the earthly stress. There are many ways that you can plan a vacation within your financial budget. You can save up for a luxurious holiday (that should include a spa therapy) interstate or abroad or a quick getaway in your city, discovering the hidden gems that you never knew existed.

If you’re heading for a holiday abroad, it may make the trip much more memorable because you are exposed to the local culture and way of life.

Hope the above tips will help you to eradicate FOMO or at least lower its intervals in your life! It’s not an exhaustive list; it’s just enough to get your juices flowing - and you’re more than welcome to come up with your own list. If you need help finding cool events in your area, you can use sites like Eventbrite to find and create your own events to help make your own list!

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