Friday, February 24, 2012

Ash Wednesday '12

Now that the Lent season has begun, I've ditched Tumblr and Twitter on the back burner in an attempt to stay true to the meaning of penance and sacrifice. I hope that I won't check both accounts at least twice a day daily after this. Today's my second day, and I guess I'm doing alright so far.

Hmm, it was funny having other shoppers in Empire glance once or twice at me while I walked past them, but I guess it's training me to ignore the looks of others. And I don't blame them; they probably didn't know that that day (last Wednesday) was Ash Wednesday. =D


  1. Good on you. Hopefully your sacrifice for lent goes well! Yeah, I can imagine people staring at the black ashed cross on your forehead. People do that..

  2. Izra: I hope so too, although I've the Easter Vigil/Day Mass to worry about now. =/


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