Monday, May 28, 2012

Ramblings of the exasperated mind

I'll be honest; I've not been in the right frame of mind for a couple of weeks now.

It feels like my emotions have gotten the better of me and as my thoughts are drawn to him once more and my reaction if and when he drops me a note again, it has led me to wonder if I'm a distant memory in some people's minds. I'm not saying that it's depressing me because it's not; it's just that there's a weird feeling in my heart when I learn that those whom I was friends with isn't too cordial with me anymore.

"It's dangerous for (any)one to not keep in touch with me for a long period of time."

It's like they have treated me like a random stranger on the street, which is perfectly fine if that's their ultimate choice. For me, it's plain simple; I'll call it a day and move on but I'll remember it for life and do the same if and when the time comes for me to turn the tables.

I know. I sound evil.

But he's not the one I mean. Our friendship has never been whacked into powdered remnants; it's just that we are barely able to keep in constant touch with distance and busy schedules between us.

With that out of me, I will leave you, my readers, to guess the inferred identities.

I can't wrap it around my head.

If I'm working as a real estate agent and my friend owns a property, I won't pressure or even ask the owner to give a written notice of one month to the current tenant. I will instead kindly ask the owner to immediately notify me once the current tenant has called it a day and returned vacant possession and allow me to handle the unit.

"When I'm a salaried employee and earning my bread and butter, I have need to work hard to save enough money to purchase a [modest] house in a serene neighborhood to call my own before the market [value] appreciates, leading to a rise in the property prices."

Unless the interior and exterior condition of the house is worth increasing the rental or if the tenant is causing unnecessary problems, the agent in me won't be like that someone who's trying to act smart by brainwashing and persuading the owner to either increase the rental or serve the notice on the tenant.

It should sound familiar to you if you're probably the one behind it. Couldn't you wait for the departure of the tenant instead of meddling with the affairs? And I've a problem with this matter. You shouldn't have suggested such a ridiculous and nonsensical amount when you've not seen the property with your own eyes. Because of you, someone else is now paying the price for this.

So, that brings me to this question, why do real estate agents tend to resort to methods like melting each other's rice bowl and undercutting? Can't everyone play the game with fairness by the book?!


  1. ah...was just hearing the same thing from a real estate pal over the weekend. well. what goes around, comes around...

    1. missyblurkit: The worst part is that nothing can be done about it and most of the bad apples are doing anything and everything they want without following the book. The undercutting is getting too rampant now, I'm sure your real estate pal will agree to that.

      I will sure tell you more about if and when we see each other in person. Can't afford to spill too much here... we know how sensitive it can turn out to be. =/

  2. I like (and a little confused) with the sudden turn in relation towards real estate =D

    1. Chrissy: I am embarrassed to admit that it's one of my bad habits to suddenly change the topic. =( But yeah, it's getting too rampant for me to just close one eye and wave it away.

  3. Just ramble all u want Charlotte, this is the avenue to do so.. *And i hope you-know-who reads this*

    1. Chrissy: Yes, I hope he reads this and realizes that I feel like a friend who's being played out.


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