Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Broken Dreams and Wishes

Credits to The Vampire Diaries Wiki for the image

Casey was extremely devastated and heartbroken when word got to him that Marie had cheated on him and left him licking his wounds. His thoughts still went to his now ex-fiancée no matter how much effort and time he poured into his work. When it started messing with his sleep, he knew that he needed someone.
    Someone who would lend him a listening ear.
    Someone who could advise him without being biased or judgmental.
    Stella, his mind suddenly screamed, she would be the right person.
    She was his acquaintance, the only neutral acquaintance who allowed him to air his grievances.
    When he broke the news to her, instead of being devastated, she was shocked and stunned that Marie had done such a thing to him and understood why Marie had been avoiding her all along.
    “Geez, man, I’m so sorry to hear that,” Stella said. “I can’t understand why Marie did it.”
    “Actually,” Casey replied. “She told me the reasons why she had done it.”
    “Spare me the reasons.” She raised her hands in rejection. “I don’t want to know, but I’m curious to know one thing. How did you two meet?”
    “Ah…” he trailed off, trying hard to venture into those bittersweet memories before continuing: “Remember the first time that we all met each other?”
    “Oh, hell, how can I forget it?”
    He continued, “The second day at the internship without you was terrible since I was the lone person there. Nobody bothered to strike a conversation with me, all occupied with their cliques.”
    “Casey, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for the second day.”
    “Don’t blame yourself. Anyway, Marie, seeing that I was bored and lonely, came up and said hello, which started it all. We ran into each other again three months later at the shopping mall and after more chats and talks, we found that we were suitable for each other and began our relationship.”
    He sighed, wrote a Chinese sentence on a nearby piece of tissue paper.
    当你失去时, 一样东西带给了你多少快乐就会给你带来多少痛苦.
    He passed it to her. “Do you know this?”
    She looked at it, answered. “Yes, it means that a thing can give you as much as happiness as hurt when you lose that thing.”
    “That is what I feel now.”
    “Man, I’m so sorry.” Stella patted his hand. “I’m sure you’ll get over it.”
    “Stella, I’m not sure about that… since she bled me real deep.”

Next: Retribution.


  1. Nice story! Well, if I were to continue it, it would go somewhere along the lines of 50 Shades of Gray. ;)

    Well, without the BDSM of course.

    1. Thanks, HB. The story shall be continued at a later time. =D The person behind "Casey" doesn't want the story to have an abrupt ending.

      I've never read 50 Shades of Gray, but I managed to dig out the meaning of BDSM, though. =) Something along the lines of S&M.

  2. Of all the pain, the greatest pain is to love and to love but in vain.

    1. That's what the person behind "Casey" is going through now. =( His mind constantly returns to that fateful day no matter how much he tries to forget all about it...

  3. I love this story.. How did you get this inspiration? I spotted ''当你失去时, 一样东西带给了你多少快乐就会给你带来多少痛苦. ''.. hmm.. I guess.. You must have been through something ...;) Well, there's always, always someone who understands you.. Share it with me if you feel like doing so.. ^^ *hugs*

    1. Well, I was inspired by "Casey" and "Marie" and the story that they had in real life. I can't say much about it because they made me swore to secrecy that I'll never reveal their true identities.

      It wasn't me who has gone through the painful side of love. Not yet anyway. =D "Casey" was the one who mentioned that sentence, said that that was how he felt towards the whole relationship.


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