Saturday, September 29, 2012

Movie: The Fierce Wife Final Episode

Synopsis: The movie continues the story from the TV series which ended with a cliff hanger where the wife (Sonia Sui) was deciding whether to return to her cheating husband (James Wen) or have a relationship with her boss (Chris Wang). 4 years after the divorce, her cheating husband, Wen Rui Fan, comes back in hopes of re-kindling their love. Will An Zhen return back to him or move on to a new love? ( Credits to Golden Screen Cinemas)

I never really had the chance to watch it on TV as it forever clashed with other programs, but I do know bits and pieces of both TV and movie series from the Taiwanese entertainment news. I'm however hoping that Mama Carrie spares me the premiere day for me (since it's never that safe anymore) to head to the cinemas and return with the review and my thoughts.

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