Sunday, September 9, 2012

Food blogger in the making?

I had been invited to the grand opening of a friend’s restaurant along with mutual friends and bloggers and strangers from the media world (read: newspaper and magazine reporters). In exchange for the free meal, I was to recommend his menu and its variety plus the ambiance of his restaurant in a blog post, which was fine by me.

Served to me was a plate of pizza that had been uniquely decorated with such a spicy twang that I downed my glass of iced water and signaled for a glass of cold milk from the nearby waitress. When he swung by from the kitchen after the session to have short words with each and every guest, I jumped at the chance and asked him what it was that he served me.

“Wasabi pizza,” was his reply.

“Are you crazy?! We both know that I can’t stand spicy food.”

“That’s the reason why I chose to serve it to you because you’re the best person.” He playfully slapped my shoulder. “Just don’t recommend this dish on your blog just yet. I still have to experiment with the intensity.”


“Oh, yeah. I’m leaving for UK this weekend. Do you want to come along?”

“I can’t. I’m not a permanent resident and there’s no way I can get a visa at such a hurried time.”

It was while I was walking past a sundry shop that I noticed the headline on the weekend copy of the newspaper, something about gay marriage in the States. With the night to myself, I took a walk along the well-lit and serene lake, the water beautifully enhanced by the stars.


  1. blogging too:D nice! looking forward to your review!

    1. Hey Eve, it's merely a dream. I wish it's a dream come true, though. =) I don't think I will ever have that opportunity to do a food review unless ....

  2. Replies
    1. Hey suituapui, I sure hope I could enter your world for real sooner than later. =D

  3. I'm either sleep deprived or dumb, don't quite get it - you mean this is a dream?

    A wasabi pizza sounds promising though, I'll eat it! :)

    1. Hey Huai Bin, yeah, it IS a dream.

      I don't think I'll have that opportunity to review a restaurant just yet, but we'll see. Are you sure about it? It's really, really spicy...


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