Saturday, January 11, 2014

Perth: Day Nine

Another week to go before we're on the flight out of Western Australia and thrown back into our daily schedule.... well, inasmuch as I want to be home, I'm not looking forward to studying under a pressure cooker.

Sorry, guys, expect to see me surrounded by multiple rounds of caffeine and loads of assignments.

Macaulay Park

Feeling in the mood for more exploration and familiarity, we boarded the Blue CAT from its Town Hall stop and alighted at Northbridge partly because of the two baby strollers occupying the cab of the sandwich-packed bus. We didn't browse through the smaller side of town and picked up random, interesting things because there was no one to ask and we didn't know where to go to. Satisfied with what we needed to see and growing extremely bored, we took the next bus to head off to our next destination: Perth Underground, where we changed to the Red CAT and rode down to Kings Park.

Not exactly; we actually walked from Ord Street all the way there.

Well, how can I describe the park?

First thing is foremost. There was loads of greenery with unique trees that can't be found in Kuala Lumpur, which led to Mama Carrie dubbing it as branded. Oh, not to mention, a couple of them were radiating a sweet fragrance in the air. This side of the park is rather quiet with very few people walking past, but head all the way up and that's where the crowd is - either sprawled on the smooth lawn under the cooling heat or enjoying a beef burger in the nearby cafe.

The lush scenery overlooking the Swan River and of Perth City is really, really beautiful and breathtaking. I'll let the pictures do the talking, again.

Kings Park


Partial city view

People chilling under the cooling heat

Tree branches

Another angle view

The beautiful sky above me

Come in from Ord Street, and you'll be engulfed in a wave of natural fragrance

Since the digital camera's battery died on us in the midst of the photography session and my cell phone was running dangerously low on juice, she called it a day and we were stumped for a while, thinking on how to return to the city without making the arduous journey back to the Ord Street bus stop and joined the queue for Bus No. 37 after seeking the assistance of a resting visitor. I knew that I needed to leave immediately and shot Mama Carrie a visual signal that it's time to hop off the bus (even though we'd have to walk a little further) when my ears were pounded upon by the incessant cries of an infant and the lackadaisical attitude of the mother. I scowled the moment we were out on the walkway that she was being inconsiderate to other passengers by not attempting to pacify the crying baby, oblivious to the waiting woman next to me.

A life-sized monument, commemorating the first Anglican Bishop of Perth, Mathew Hale, with a brief history about his accomplishments

It was another 500m or so before we arrived at Cloisters. Mama Carrie saw something that caught her eyes and instructed me to stand in front of the monument on the pretense of reading the history of the building while she took the pictures, ambushing me in one shot. Once she was done, we, again, hopped on the Blue CAT from there and left when it arrived at the Murray Street stop.

What was planned in the beginning as a window shop in the Levi's store at Forrest Place became a shopping trip in the end. She bought 2 pairs of jeans for AUD$100 (RM 300) and according to the sales assistant, who is originally from Hong Kong, a pair of Levi's in WA or rather the entire Australia is cheaper when compared to HK and Malaysia. As if that wasn't enough, we slipped into Woolworths to catch some groceries and returned to the hotel by foot with exhaustion and a stomach ache on my part.

I collapsed onto the bed in fatigue and kept reminding myself that once I'm home and settled, I'd probably need to book a slot with the masseur to relieve and soothe those sore muscles before the second part of a stressful and sleep-losing schedule.


  1. Such a lovely place - enjoyed your day to day accounts. Hope to hop over someday but not in the summer. So hot...and those flies!!! Eyewwww!!!!

    1. Thanks, STP. =)

      The best time to head over to Australia, I'd say, is spring because it's still cooling and not melting hot yet, but I'm just judging from my experience in NZ. As for the flies, I guess I was lucky to have avoided them. I've heard that they are more common in Adelaide, though.


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