Monday, July 28, 2014


Oh my God!

The amount of clutter stashed in the cabinets is horrific! It ate a week out of my schedule just to clear a portion of it and it's still an unfinished business. I'm not sure how much mess has been amassed over the years and I've not the slightest clue on expanding the empty space in the house.

Throw in the fact that the Carries are immersed in their separate career designations and unable to actually sit down to help me to eliminate the things that they no longer require at a time when the family's toying with the idea of moving out of the quirky neighborhood once I'm settled in the university life. Truth be told, I'm slightly in favor of the idea but as long as we are able to secure another unit and transfer the larger items there first. For my part, however, although I know I've until September to filter the items that must be brought there, I've to begin now because of the long, arduous process that spans at least 4 months.... you know, when there are enormous articles, one would feel constricted.

After discussing with my lecturers over my dilemma earlier on Paths A and B, I've concluded that for someone who's never experienced the severe snowfall, it's better to stay on familiar grounds before I am miserably frozen for three straight months... or more. As previously hinted at in one of the earlier posts, the quality of education is indeed important but my happiness as a university student is more significant. It's an understatement to relate that I'll be insane before obtaining the BA degree because it could occur. Like what my Media Arts lecturer mentioned, not many people are aware that one's ability to cope with freezing affects his/her academic performance.

"When you're miserable, you're not happy. And when you're not happy, your grades will slide because you don't have the mood to focus" - was what I deduced from our conversation.

I never knew I was capable of being an intelligent student until second semester in CPU arrived and to compensate for my mistake as a reticent junior, I need to ensure the GPA score is near perfect. It's almost an impossible feat, but I have to because I want to (or more like need to) shove the degree down some people's throats after being at their merciless authority for years.

It is only after I have confirmed the university acceptance letter will I then reveal the Australian state that I'm heading to.

Until then, I'm harboring the desire to escape the haze that's succeeding the burning heat.


  1. Clutter - I'm not a fan either! I really don't like to have too much stuff. Overload in my physical space seems to transfer to my mental space.

  2. gosh, i can kinda relate to this ... i have tons of clutter too, with magazines and receipts and plastic bags all over my place, haha :) all the best and hopefully the confirmation letter will come soon! sounds like a truly exciting adventure ahead ... i'd like to escape the haze too! :D

    1. The getaway place that I wanna head to is also shrouded in the haze, Sean. =(

      Personally, magazines are okay because it's a reading material but yeah, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed on that...

  3. Replies
    1. You're so lucky, Shirley! =)

      I think by the time I finish studies, I'll color my hair white.... because I'm aiming for a Masters too...

  4. Replies
    1. It's always good to be neat, cquek. =)

      That way, it's easier to find things. =)


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