Sunday, July 6, 2014

Disappointed Grievances

Staring out of the bedroom window and wincing at the amount of life the neighborhood undertook on a sizzling Sunday afternoon, all I can think of is you.... not the university applications or friendly reunions with my mates but you.
Yes, YOU.

As it turns out, my thoughts for you has flowed into the stream of poetic muses woven into one.

The last image I have of you,
It was of you standing at the beach.
The fading sunset was covering half of your face.
In the serenity, there was only your courage.
Three years have forced us apart.
Contact froze between us like rock solid ice.
No late-night calls making us smile like toddlers.

Wait, is that you I see in the distance?
But it's no longer you.
Crumbled with the distance was the person I knew.
The sunny state is engulfing you with the wave of maturity.
Melting with the scorching sun are the love of us
And the carefree days.
Happiness is dancing in your eyes,
As you curl yourself around the arms of another.

The visual pain repeatedly stabs me with angst.
Sorrow spreads out in my heart like a fear,
Penetrating deep into my soul.
Like the flame of the wind,
My face is slicked with uncontrollable tears.

I am reminded of the night of our farewell
Under the pouring azure's howls.
You promised under the bright, starry skies
That we'd be one, forever and always.
Wasn't it only yesterday you ensured me?
Why the sudden reversal today?


  1. am sorry to read about the anguish in this work. it's something we all went through in our youth though, and i remember writing a lot of lines soaked in heartache too. but it definitely passes, and with some more time, the person will evaporate from your memories and you won't feel the hurt caused any more. by the way, i like this line: No late-night calls making us smile like toddlers.

    1. It's actually meant to be a farewell poem dedicated to someone, Sean, but I guess I wrote one about heartbreak instead. =O But anyways, like they said, time heals all wounds (though I won't attest to that personally). Now, when I reminisce on my past with that particular chap, there's no longer sorrow from the memories; just plain old regrets that it destroyed our friendship.

      Ah, I'm glad that you liked this line. This line would be the most memorable one because it was from my own emotions when I used to spend long hours chatting on MSN/Skype with someone. =)

  2. Ooh, I do hope you feel happier soon. Seems like a sad moment for you.

    1. Thanks, Yum List. =) I'm sure I'll be fine and exhilarated soon...

      Well, I won't say that it is a heartbreaking moment, but there's definitely sorrow having to watch friends leave for abroad and we won't know whether we'll meet up again soon...or if we can keep in constant touch.


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