Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spin me around, spin me around

As weird as it is, I'm actually more horrified at the context of the dream than I am surprised.

I'm assuming that my psyche must be craving for a time out - otherwise I wouldn't have such a dream two days in a row.

I dreamt that I was seated in a shopping mall's cafeteria and minding my own business when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was someone whom I knew and we caught up with each other. There was an intention to catch up over a movie and a meal after that. We exchanged hugs as we bid each other adieu, but I only turned halfway because I was sitting. Chills settled at the base of my spine because it felt like I was being nuzzled in the manner that Big Fat (he's my Shih Tzu dog, btw) does as a morning greeting.

I was additionally in a coffeehouse (it looked very much like Coffee Bean in The Curve) and ordering takeaway green tea latte. I've managed to decipher this part of the dream online, and let's just say that the interpretation isn't a positive one.

Yes, if you're wondering, this was stealthily taken during last year's flight from KL to Adelaide (when half of the passengers were asleep).

In another scene, I dreamt that the four of us arranged to meet up on campus to discuss on what, I can't remember. Since I arrived early on campus, I got myself a long table (the one that resembles the bench tables in the University of Adelaide Business School, Nexus 10) and waited for a female friend - let's call her Y - and another good friend - let's call him X - to arrive.

Not too long later, Y and I were walking not too far behind X and his friend. Y could see that I was not myself and that exhaustion leaked onto my face. She was surprised that X couldn't feel the vibe, considering that we all are good friends and all. I replied that it's alright - it doesn't matter, I'll be fine.

X was seated next to me and Y was opposite us. When the two of them were off doing their own thing and left me alone at the long table, I decided to take a quick break from the laptop and stretch my muscles. My peripheral vision caught sight of two familiar acquaintances - one from Property Law and the other from Equity lectures - and I waved a greeting at them. I began to feel queasy and folded my arms on the table - where the left palm connected with the right elbow and vice versa, forming a little space for me to sleep in. The only thing you could see was my dark black hair. I felt someone's arms sliding across my shoulders, asking if I was alright. It took me a full 3 minutes before I registered the question and the person's voice. It was X asking me before he returned to his seat and inserting some written notes into my wallet. As if that wasn't shocking enough, he left with my debit card a short time later, not explaining what he was doing with it but instead assuring me not to worry.

In the same dream, I was outside a Church, searching around the empty, darkened cars for someone whom I knew. We promised to attend Mass together, but the person was nowhere to be seen. In the dream, I knew that I was in familiar place because that's my hometown. It was in SS15 and the block of flats that was opposite the gas station (Shell) was turned into the makeshift Church for the time being. I remember this well because of the bend in the curve and it was the former area where the famous rojak operated at.

What struck me as horrific was the clarity and familiarity of the dream. Most of the dreams that I've had rarely involve people or places of acquaintance in real life.


  1. these dreams are so vivid, they're almost frightening for me, since my memories of my dreams are really hazy, and i tend to forget everything within moments of waking. it's been years since i last had a dream that stayed with me. the clarity that you have from your dreams is very striking!

    1. Too vivid for me, Sean. I was like, this is weird. If I'm having dreams with similar themes in two consecutive days, it's not my subconscious being up to its own tricks. It was trying to tell me something. =S My head is still swirling over it...

  2. Have you ever read anything on dream analysis? I'm not really into it, but I guess it's funny how the brain processes information and tosses it around in the head while sleeping.

    1. I've heard of it - and know that there's one in Adelaide, Yum List. It's just that I've not researched much on dream analysis. I know right; that's why I used to describe my dreams as the subconscious up to its own tricks. *winks*


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