Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Exam Dream

I dreamt that I was searching for the room for my Data Management exam paper and was eventually guided to my allocated seat. Much to my surprise, two of my Writer’s Craft classmates were there too and seated directly in front of me. One of them turned over his shoulder to look at me before the exam when he heard someone taking the seat behind him, but I can’t decipher if it was his resting bitch face or if it was a glare that greeted me.

In real life, he’s given me both facial expressions before, sigh.

I knew that it involved mathematics and statistics because I saw graphs and numbers on the paper itself. While I was confident with answering all of the problem questions, I panicked as there were two unattempted ones and time wasn’t working with me.

A quick check with the online dream dictionary resulted in two interpretations:
"To dream of running out of time while taking a test may reflect a heightened sense of pressure or having an inadequate amount of time to prove yourself in a waking life situation." - from Dream Bible

What mess have I landed into? *sighs*

In another scene, I also dreamt that I was taking one of my papers at Showgrounds, but I can’t remember if it was Equity or Criminal Law. My best bet is the latter because I saw the words ‘assault’ and ‘causing bodily harm’ on the facts (problem question for non-law students). Plus, it was in the answer that I wrote in the exam booklet.

"To dream of taking an exam represents a very challenging situation in your life that may require your complete focus or dedication. A challenge that may foster powerful uncertainties, require a lot of preparation, or put a lot at stake. An exam dream may stand as a barometer of pressure you're feeling." - from Dream Bible

I breathed a sigh of relief when the invigilator announced that it was time’s up and collected our exam booklets, relieved to be done with the paper. I lugged my knapsack over my shoulder and rushed out of the hall. One of my acquaintances - or rather, the Criminal Law coursemate - approached me outside and asked, ‘what does it mean with you and [name not publicly identified] heading to the cinemas recently?’

I paled because there’s no way this chap could’ve found out. I mean, I was aware in the dreamt that he’s not on Facebook daily and we’re not following each other on Instagram either. Unless someone told him or he accidentally came across it, I’ve no idea how he knew exactly who I went to the movies with. I was careful not to drop any names in the photo caption either.

But before I could answer, the camera panned to another location. It was me, the Criminal Law coursemate and my History mate among other people in a common area of somewhere. I was behind the Criminal Law coursemate when we entered the place. My History mate waved a greeting to me, which I reciprocated with a smiling nod. Again, I was also surprised to see this particular person in the dream. (We’re not in regular contact because of the distance and he doesn’t use much social media.)

If you ask me, deciphering the second dream is spinning my head. 😑 The first one is easier because the Writer's Craft classmates and I aren't contacting each other as much as we used to in CPU.

Any thoughts?


  1. You do analyse your dreams! I'm going to check out that Dream Bible too - thanks for the lead. :-)

    1. I've caved into the temptations this time around, lol, Yum List - partly because it involved a certain someone whom I used to regard as a good friend of mine and the friendship that we have now. Plus, it felt too real; it was as if I was experiencing the events in reality.


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