Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The brightest morning is still to come

The title is from the song lyrics of "We Are All Running" by The Once (video attached below).

Listening to this song again after his demise is leaving a sour note in my throat, not because it’s a sad song. It’s because the relaxing mood of the song always reminds me of his optimism and willpower. Although circumstances were never kind to him, he never allowed it to be an obstacle to his enjoyment of life and worked harder than the rest of us. When we whinged that we're exhausted and needed a break, he pushed through and fought on.


On the bright side, I’m relieved that his road of suffering has finally ended and he has sought the long-deserving peace.

My friend,
Be the angel that you longed to be.
With the wings that you now have,
Fly away from the pain.
Embrace the freedom that you've fought hard for.

My friend,
There's so much that I wanted to say.
The lump in my throat,
It's preventing me from speaking.
We were never close,
Yet your departure still affects me.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Yum List. I'm much better now; time has managed to soften the sadness. I'm relieved by the fact that he's (my college classmate) with God now and no longer suffering from his illness.


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