Saturday, June 23, 2018


I dreamt that I was being driven by someone in a car on a highway - over bridges and a hellish place that I had no intention of returning to. I found myself hiding from the bad guys in a hotel. The first three floors were visible from the ground floor with a window for its ceiling to minimize the use of lights, but as I made my way up, it was no longer exquisite. It was as if the higher I went, the darker the place felt. The top floor was much quieter and dimly lit, leaving a cold, invisible hand on my spine and causing goosebumps all over my skin.

I wanted to find a secluded spot where I could hide from the bad guys and ended up running into a known associate in real life. He asked me for directions to his intended destination and in exchange, he told me of a place in the hotel where I could seek refuge. Yet, I still found myself panicking with a racing heart.

In the next scene, I dreamt that I was in an elevator with an elderly couple who brought me to their apartment in the building adjacent to the hotel. It was a spacious residence and had an open feel to it. The living hall, the kitchen, and the living room did not have dividers to it. It was just a smooth-flowing layout. Their adult daughters were in town for the current moment. It gave me the feeling of being safe but not so safe living with so many people in the place.

There was a small flicker of fire on one of the hotel floors and immediately told my hosts that we should make a run for it. Someone was either playing with firecrackers or trying to start a fire. Before I knew it, the camera panned to the ocean outside the hotel. There were docked yachts at the marina before a sudden explosion. A guy who was sailing with his younger female companion - which I assumed was his daughter - panicked and burst into the hotel lobby, looking for someone familiar. It was an empty hotel when they walked in.

The context of the dream jolted me awake at 6.45 am and I did not like the overall aura it gave me. It wasn’t even the work of the morning chill. It felt as if someone left a cold hand at the base of my spine.

I have a rough idea on what the dream is hinting but because it’s a tad bit too personal to splash in the public sphere, I’m not going to share it online.


  1. Wow that had my heart racing just as if I were watching a thriller movie. Gave up watching thrillers long ago as I can't handle the stress. Worse still when it's an actual dream.

    1. I had to blink a couple of times when I woke up to make sure that it was just a dream, Yum List. I guess I was lucky I didn't break out in cold sweat, though.


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