Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Once again, sorry for dropping off from the face of the Earth. Be assured that it was by no means intentional - life took control and I found myself on the feet for most of the time. It sure didn’t help that the one and only paper was the first to kickstart the examination period, which meant a lot of balancing act between revisions, the two research essays, and volunteering events.

The pre-SWOTVAC period was hectic, let me tell you that. I have this problem every time my final research essays are due a couple of days before or on the same day as my exams. When I want to revise for the exams, my brain would want to focus on the essays. When I want to focus on the essays, it would plead with me to revise instead. So, yeah, at least it’s a relief that the assignments are now done and dusted - except that there were lots of late nights exacerbated by copious amount of tannin and caffeine. Don’t ask me why; I focus better as the night gets deeper into dusk. I also took some time off social media to retune my mental state of mind because I felt like I was drowning from everything. Us Sagittarians do not like to expose our vulnerability to anyone and would rather take on a tough approach (when we’re probably wanting out).

SWOTVAC made an appearance with the submission of my research essays, which left me feeling relieved and nervous at the prospect of having an exam almost immediately after. I was relieved because it meant that I’ll have a longer break period. Nervous because I don’t exactly do well under pressure and I didn’t know where to start with the revision, but oh well, it has to be done if I want to pass the finish line. It sure didn’t help that my laptop decided to throw tantrums at me by freezing at times when I need it to work the most. The LCD screen is obviously loose (otherwise there won’t be vertical lines appearing on it) yet I refuse to have it repaired or checked because it has not fully died on me yet. I was tempted more than one to throw it against the wall but realized that it has to serve me until the end of my exams next semester (or at least until graduation next year).

Depending on how well my research essays are graded, I might end up publishing one of them (since I think it’s a worthy topic), but we’ll see what happens then.

I’m taking a long break after the exam on Saturday - so don’t expect me to show my face in the blogosphere often. I need the time out to get my priorities straight and clear my head, especially after receiving that piece of news. *sighs*

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