Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*buries her face in her hands*

Everything was well until the boyfriend's ex showed up and started harassing him.

I have met the ex a couple of times as we were friends for a long time. (I had no idea she and the boyfriend were once an item.) She carried herself with confidence, had a gentle character and had looks that many girls would die for. Though she was gentle, she knew when to defend herself and her family and friends. Says, "Otherwise, people will think I'm easy to bully."

I think she was drunk when she sent a text message to me. It read:
Dear (name of the boyfriend), I miss you very much. I can't help but think of our sweet times together. I still can't put my head around the fact that you've moved on. I need to see you. I need to know why we broke up. It is unclear why we broke up.
The boyfriend went missing almost a day after that. The colleagues at his workplace mentioned that he had resigned from the company (he didn't divulge his reasons) and there was no trace of him. I was working as an actress at this time and had to juggle my work and finding him. It really drained my energy, but I strove on.

I called the ex, but she said that she didn't know about his disappearance or where he went. I went to the boyfriend's condo with a mutual friend to ask, but the guard was very rude. I started scolding the guard in Taiwanese. [My fluency in Taiwanese, in real life, is very poor, though.] Something like, "We're all of the same color. Why don't you want to help?!"

And the poor friend had the shock of his life because he had never seen me that mad before.

With no leads for me or the cops to follow, I was getting desperate and worried. It was not of him to disappear without telling anyone. I was constantly bogged by our time together. I told the same friend of mine that....
"If the ex didn't show up and started harassing and stalking him, he would still be here. He will not be missing."

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