Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Stopover

Credits to Visiting DC for the image

Since it was our first time in that airport, we almost got lost and if it weren't for the help for one kind on-ground flight stewardess who showed us the way to the exit, I think we'd be screwed.

I stayed in my friend's place for two nights. Her place was small but surprisingly comfortable. Her grandpa, who was in town for medical treatment, was also living in the same house. I wasn't comfortable socializing with him because I felt that he was being cheeky with me. And I'm bad at handling unintended humors.

My friend, who was a police offer, allowed me to follow her when she visited the crime scene. I wasn't allowed to do anything but to stand and observe (or watch, whichever is more appropriate).

She had locked a criminal whom she had just caught in a room, but he mysteriously disappeared when her officers wanted to take the criminal back to the police precinct. A disappointed her was almost served with a warning by her boss.

Before leaving for the airport, I excused myself and went to the toilet."

- The dream was fuzzy; this is the best I can remember.

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