Saturday, May 14, 2011

An exhausting day, coupled with pictures

I'm so exhausted.

It's definitely no fun having to go out with this kind of heat. And if you're with someone who receives lots of phone calls, it makes things worse. Even though I wasn't the one answering the phone calls, I could feel the stress of a working adult. My head and eyes were so painful that I wanted a punching bag to punch.

Mama Carrie said she was confident that the person sitting next to the table - during lunch - was someone who used in the showbiz industry. She then asked a waitress who told her that the person's name was so-and-so, which is really the former celebrity's first name.

Surprising. You may be wondering why there isn't any picture of me with the person. I'll tell you why. It's actually because the person looked so cold that I was terrified of asking her. Even Mama Carrie was like, "you better don't."

Anyway, while I was waiting for Mama Carrie to be done with taking the pictures, I spotted a couple of items that I liked.

Mama Carrie doesn't seem to understand why I like it, but it looks cool to me. =)

The place is definitely surrounded by a lush green view.

And, on our return home, I decided to take this place because it looked so beautiful.

Mama Carrie knows that I like to take pictures of sunset. =D

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