Monday, May 16, 2011

Try asking, but I've a right not to tell

I’m not sure if I’ve said this, but I will say it again: it is best not to believe first impressions of anyone. Some could just be projecting a sweet image when, in reality, they’ve a totally different image. I’m not trashing anyone here…. I’ve just seen too many people trying to be someone else, and not themselves. Is it so tough to be original and unique?

I just wish that people will stop asking me senseless questions. Seriously, must I answer each and every question of yours? Say, would you feel irritated if I were to bounce the ball back to you?

If you know you’ll be irritated by the same questions, don’t ask.

Isn’t there something called respect? I respect you for manners, so you should respect me for who I am.

I know it’s barely a day, but I can’t wait for August to roll around. I have a couple of reasons for wishing that, though I shall keep the reasons to myself.

Argh, it will take up to six weeks for me to receive the scores. Oh, boy, I should probably bribe ask someone to proof-read it before sending it for the scoring. I hope it’ll earn me some nice marks because I have slogged for weeks on it. Now, who shall I look for? I’m not counting on my friends because they’re already being burdened by their own college assignments.

On another note, Mama Carrie has been commenting that I’ve been talking a lot about cupcakes. True, but the cupcakes sold in the market aren’t suitable for me. Considering that I’m being put on a strict diet, apart from edible food coloring, who knows what other ingredients are inside?

Sigh, I'm not used to Firefox Version 4.


I think I have multicolored clothing in my wardrobe, but, if worn together, I doubt the top and bottom matches. I hope that doesn't mean I have to rush to the store and specially buy a multicolored dress because I don't know if the ones I've seen - online - are acceptable.

If I can't find a long multicolored dress, can I mix and match with plain colors? I wonder who suggested that parishioners turn up in multicolored attire.

Because of this, it looks like we've to make an impromptu trip to the shopping mall. Blah.

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