Sunday, April 22, 2012


I don't know if it was fit to call it a shopping mall because there was no resemblance to it and it wasn't a community center either.

I saw a family of four with the children obediently walking in front of the parents, who were holding hands and deeply in love when we passed them by on ground floor parking level. Although we were early, all the parking bays had been taken up but I had my companion drive straight to a particular row where all the bays had been reserved for the important guests and the organizer had so kindly reserved one for us. Not only that; he even reserved the best seats for us.

There was a makeshift stage at the very front of the sound-proof room and leather chairs with armrests were arranged in such a way that it was neither cluttered nor squashed. I had to play the part of an usherette, guiding people to any vacant seats and bringing out additional plastic chairs for those latecomers while my companion remained seated, killing the time on his smartphone.

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