Monday, April 16, 2012

Issues, issues and nothing but issues

Matter #1: I can't comprehend it, seriously. I mean, I had known that it'd be that mundane and that long, but there was no way out for me. When Mama Carrie means it, she means it. I'd have swallowed it with a pinch of salt if it weren't for the arrangement of the segments and the language used. I’m not a linguist, for Pete’s sake!

Matter #2: Excuse me, what's up with my luck? Why am I always running into a particular person - I'll address this person as 'Mr. M' - whom I'd rather have nothing with?

It's best left as it is, familiar strangers who once had a past.

Matter #3: Something’s wrong, terribly wrong, I know it and I can feel it. I don’t want to be stuck in one place with no chance of expanding my wings in a grassier area. I prefer to let nature takes its course but with the time ticking louder and louder by the day, desperation is real strong in the atmosphere.

I’ll have to – and need to – seek solace in God’s arms and beg – no, plead – for His Mercy and Help as a way to save my sanity and if my only hope goes up in flames, I think I’m as good as dead or even worse, permanently planted in a place that I no longer want to be in with no sense of direction for the future. I should’ve stayed back instead of returning here in the first place.

Things would have totally been different, I know.

Tough luck? Methinks not. It’s more like a failure in planning, and life would be different if we’ve not made certain decisions.

Thinking back, I am regretting all of it. Big time.


  1. Hi!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    ...hope you're fine! ..don't be sad!
    Life is hard, but WE'LL DO IT!!!
    Smilee! Lau

    1. Hey, Laura!

      I know I'll be fine eventually, but the third matter has been tearing me apart for the last couple of months now.

      I'll try my best to persist and smile and see what God has in store for me... =)

  2. Hey! Things happens ok? There are days when things go really insane and seems like its about to rob us of our sanity. Rest in His comfort.

    I choose not to regret too much. Yes somedays I travel thru the path called "regret" but its a choice that i made. Poor planning or not...I don't care. Mope a little and then move on. You'll be fine!

    1. missyblurkit: It's just that the frequency of it constantly happening is constant. And the presence of it is stronger by the day. True, and I guess I should probably seek some time out in a convent to rest in His residence, free from all worries.

      Hopefully that will bring some peace in my heart.

      I know I'll be fine eventually; that's why I'm using the back way to get out of this mess.


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