Friday, April 6, 2012

Last Moments

She was about to enter the boarding area when she felt a vibration in the pocket of her trench coat and dug out her cell phone and paused to look at the caller ID. It surprised her that the call came from him and for a split second, she really had thought of ignoring the call and moving on with her plans but she decided to continue with the call anyway.
    "Look behind you," he replied.
    She turned back and went numb when she saw him.
    He ended the phone call and walked towards her. "Why did you leave so suddenly? There are things that we haven't clarified with each other, my dear."
    "What is there to be clear about? Hadn't my letter explain the reasons behind this decision of mine?"
    "But -"
    "No buts. You know me, I don't believe in 'buts'." She heaved a breath. "I don't want to know how Mika and you met each other because it matters no more. Did you know my heart bled each and every time she talked about you in that annoying lovely tone? I guess you won't because you will never know how it feels."
    "I didn't know that." He shook his head. "I'm so sorry."
    "I won't blame you or Mika because love is never a gentle game. I'm sorry, I've a flight to catch. I will forget this stage of my life and accept that it's over between us and I pray for the best for you and for her but I want you to remember that you've given me the best happiness and the worst heartbreak I could ever imagine."
    He swallowed, knew that there was a sour tang in her last words but he accepted that nothing could change her mind. "But before that, before you leave, would you allow me to embrace you one last time as your close friend and wish you the best of luck?"
    "Why not?"
    They exchanged one last hug and held tight a moment.
    He found himself saying, "I would really like to maintain our close friendship, but I'm so sorry that it has been drawn to an untimely end."
    "If it is in Fate's hands that we are to meet again," she replied, "we will, no matter what..." And with those last words, she turned her back to continue her journey.
    When she was sure she was away from him, she heaved a breath and gave way to the tears. She wished that she didn't have to throw the card into the fire and sacrifice herself, but ... she couldn't think of any more reason to stay in this town.

His eyes clouded as he watched her leaving him and throwing away their long friendship just like that. His knees went weak on him and he leaned against the wall for support as he silently cried, knew that he had gambled and failed in winning her back. It was because of him that she had suddenly became distant and cold. Someone different from the person that he had known since high school.
    A light went on in his head. And he ran as fast as he could past the crowd.
    He had to get it out of his chest. She had every right to know of the truth between them, between him and Mika. He wanted to get it out of his chest before it was too late or he was never going to be able to forgive himself.

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