Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random Thoughts #1

What else do you see in the picture other than the obvious fact that it is a hibiscus flower? What image does the picture brings to you?

Me, I see friendships that have blossomed and later withered away with time and distance.

I see family ties being permanently severed no thanks to ingratitude and insistence of letting go of everything. [Papa Carrie, mark my words. You know your girl; when she said it, she really meant it because she could no longer be a gummy bear, allowing relatives to squeeze her - left and right, top and bottom.]

Credits to Healthy for the image.

She's tired of fielding off questions that should be instead redirected to Mama Carrie; reticence is her current wish as she feels that one should only ask her if they are concerned and not merely being busybodies to gossip about it behind her back about how she's being such a useless kid for not planning in advance.

She is who she is, alright? She answers for her behavior/character to no one but to her parents; she regards them as the only people whom she could trust as she knows that the Carries will support her and have her back - no matter what.

Mama Carrie believes in one thing: God has their girl's plans all worked out, but she has to learn from her own mistakes and regrets to move on, stay true to the right path and unearth what His plans for her are. 


  1. i see growth the flower won't bloom. but when one flower withers, another will bloom again. stay strong sweetheart!

    1. missyblurkit: Thank you for the words of encouragement, dear! =)


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