Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Easter of 2012

Note: this is a scheduled post.

I had given Holy Thursday a miss because of two reasons; one was because [she] had returned home late and the other was because I had read online that "attendance is encouraged but not compulsory."

As usual, the afternoon service of Good Friday was our choice but I kind of regretted for not arriving a little earlier as all the parking bays had been taken up by the time we had arrived, which was, like, an hour before the start of the service.


When the service had ended 3 1/2 hours later, my knees had ached from all the kneeling and I was exhausted to my core. No wonder I thought I had heard loud sighs among the congregation; it has never ended that late last year. I wished that I didn't have to spend such a long time there, but it's either that or I fight back the fatigue at the night service.

The reason why we chose to attend the Day Mass is because the last Easter Vigil we attended had ended real late and neither one of us can sit through a baptism. Unless one can drag oneself out of bed and arrive at Church on time on Easter Sunday, I think attending the Vigil would be just as fine.

It was because of Good Friday that we squeezed in the hill walk on Easter Sunday. I found myself up a little after the break of dawn and rushing to prepare a simple breakfast for us.

I tell you, today’s one of the bad days that I have had.The traffic light at our residence decided to screw itself up, never giving the cars the green light to move until some gave up and took a longer way and others made an illegal U-turn.

Since we made it home with ample time to spare, I guess we’ll try to make it a habit from now on. Battling the weekday morning traffic from my area can be torturous – big time!

The Mass was pretty much the same as the normal one except that the Gloria made its return with the ringing bells, which clouded my eyes and lowered the music by so many tones that I had difficulties catching the rhythm of it. My mood however was quickly ruined by the kid of about three seated behind me and when the Gloria was being sung, the kid had the cheek to speak louder and louder.

If it is mere whispers with soft cries, I still can force myself to bear with it because I know that young children cry for a reason, which the parents must uncover and at all costs avoid a noise disturbance.

Parents, if you intend to bring your young children for Mass, please, I beg you, teach them to be obedient in Mass and bring them outside immediately the moment they are crying and ask them whether there is something bothering them. If they are noisy, please also bring them outside and have a word with them.

Don’t just sit there like a fool, unsure of your next move as it’s unfair that everyone has to bear with the noise disturbance when we are all trying to concentrate on the Mass.

Patience has its limit.

Sheesh, why did I rattle about children instead? Enough about it; it's either my blood will boil again or you'll be rolling your eyes in impatience and annoyance.

My thoughts on Easter? I'll save it for private conversations with my lovely, good friend and for those quiet moments with Him.

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