Sunday, May 20, 2012


In a place that resembled the porch of a Church, I was surrounded by two human beings - one female, one male - in a distance and a snake right in front of me, not hissing but merely staring at me. I could hear and see the couple exchanging words with each other but I couldn’t reply them or take my eyes off that small fellow.

It didn’t look the same small, green snake that I saw standing on the curb in Bukit Kiara years ago, watching the humans carefully navigate their way through without any offense but from what Jade had explained to me, I think I’m in for a rough time.

In the same dream, an old friend whom I’ve not spoken to in ages swung by to pay me a long-awaited visit and he took the opportunity to let the cat out of the bag that he was married. I could see that behind him stood a slender lady, but I could see her lower body as her face was blocked by the door.

Oh, crap, is it the same fellow? I hope not...


  1. If it was just staring, I guess it's harmless. Don't worry (: I was told if the snake wants to bite you, or was chasing you, that means the admirer's really trying hard to make you his. (:

    Don't worry girl (:

    1. Jade: I'm never worried with people having a secret crush. Maybe the snake found me attractive, lol! xD Something would be really fishy if I have the same dream again anytime soon....


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