Friday, May 4, 2012

"Oxygen, oxygen, I love you!"

Greens, greens and nothing but the greens of nature. A word of warning, though. Lurking somewhere inside the jungle and hidden by the tall trees is the slithery sly who used to love to scare the life out of the trekkers by sliding across to its next destination.

Don't ask me what these people are doing there, but this is the place where the HHH and the gangs of cyclists take their break and exchange photographs.

Only those who are hardcore trekkers would really go for it even though it's raining heavily. It was on one public holiday - a Wednesday, I remembered - that everyone including yours truly and Mama Carrie were caught by the surprise rain and dripping wet.

I'll have to bring the umbrella with me if there is no sun lurking in the distance as I can't afford another surprise rain.


  1. a walk surrounded by fresh air. I need that now! Hate the hot dry weather that has made the air kinda smoky:(

    1. Hi Eve,

      Yes, it's really hazy now. =( I'm having difficulties with my sensitive nose too. And if you're intending to swing by Bukit Kiara, try to go there at around 7 - 8 am. The air is fresher and colder. =D


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