Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Different Cities

Since we had both spent time there on different occasions, we decided to return there for a vacation and for some reason only visited my former residence. It was surrounded by three different types of worship, a Catholic church, a Christian church and a Buddhist temple but as we drove past, I was suddenly hit with the flashback of the past. How I had to deal with an attempted strangulation just because I was one of the primary witnesses to a kidnap-and-rape case. How I had to sit through a court session listening to the prosecution revealing disturbing evidences to the court.

What a nice picture, don't you think?

In the same dream, I was back in the city three weeks later but had no time to worry about the past memory because I needed to get back into my schedule fast. The three of us had caught up over a meal somewhere but I wasn’t too pleased with it; the food was oilier and sweeter and saltier than I had expected, constantly forced me to down loads of water. One of them must’ve seen my displeasure and mentioned that instead of spending so much for that meal, we should’ve gone straight for frozen yoghurt but I reminded her that one serving for it for each of us would be just as expensive as what we had paid for if not more.

We swallowed our dissatisfaction and treated it as our bad luck and made our way to the LRT station.

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