Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Zombie Improvement

Now that I'm in the final midst of packing, I think I can allow myself to catch a breather and slide back into the game and hopefully, the breather would also include a coffee with Kar Wyai and a meal with Angeline and Inez as a farewell gathering.

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Let’s just say that the last couple of weeks had been a living nightmare that practically unleashed the zombie in me in addition to the enormous amounts of items to be cleared and/or to be stored away in those boxes. I’m getting there, but I don’t have the confidence to say that I’m done with the whole mess of it. No, not yet; it's either I keep finding things out of nowhere or I'm running out of boxes.

Let me tell you, no matter how early one starts, a pair of hands is never enough in this case. The best is to have at least two pairs of familiar hands, but one can never always get what or who one wants.

You might have already seen a post on how my sleeping pattern had been wrecked, so I’m not going to venture any further but allow me some time to recover; I’m still sleeping more than I should and am waking up in the morning feeling lethargic even though I’ve had at least 8 hours of complete, quality sleep.

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Mama Carrie had a great part in it. She fell under the weather with a headache and body heat that eventually progressed into a high but fluctuating temperature with a persistent night cough and bubbly, colorless phlegm. Oh, did I mention that it included a painful, sore throat?

A visit to the nearby clinic was only made after much persuasion from me and a couple of friends/acquaintances and the simple blood test showed that she had a bacterial infection that wouldn’t have been that serious if only she had been willing to go earlier. The doctor mentioned that if she had continued to wait even longer, the next place she’ll end up is the hospital on an IV drip, fighting a case of bronchitis or pneumonia, which can be quite deadly if left untreated.

"But be a good girl, take your antibiotics and drink more liquids and you should feel better in a couple of days' time."

And as if that hadn’t been enough to deal with, laryngitis knocked at her door and swallowed her voice. When I vocally pressed her to see the doctor, I was severely lectured that I shouldn’t be harping on it and that her voice would recover on its own. I was like, right, it’s almost a week now with no sign of recovery. Just go and have it checked out!

She finally, willingly returned to the doctor – a week after her voice loss – and the doctor confirmed my suspicions; it was really laryngitis. Her voice made its return after been given the medication plus Prospan and is taking its own sweet time to recover to its normalcy. Her voice still cracks whenever she tries to scream or speak loudly.

Don’t look at me; Mama Carrie can be quite hard-headed at times. It’s in her blood. =.=”

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With that being said, I still can’t believe that a mere pack of nasi lemak could have done so much harm to her; the sambal must’ve been infected with bacteria that had been waiting to cause hell in an unsuspecting party’s system because the coconut-infused rice tasted fresh. Our Indonesian acquaintance had the same item and too fell under the weather with such intense pain and severe diarrhea that she crawled her way back and forth from the toilet and her bedroom. She cried her heart out, thought that her time was up but she took some OTC medicine in desperation, she said. She however believes that although she’s fully recovered, the bacteria will strike again if she ever eats the wrong item again.

It seemed that I’m the only one who escaped with little to no side effects; both mentioned that it’s due to my age, but God knows. When we however met up with a Thai acquaintance a couple of days after her return from Bangkok, she commented that not have my chubby face lost a little weight, black eye rings have appeared together with whitened lips. It’s nothing serious, she continued. I just need to catch more afternoon naps and drink more water.


If you want to know the exact location of where the nasi lemak was purchased a, shove a tweet to me or drop me a note on Facebook.

Friends, you know how and where to leak the details out of me. =D


  1. Food poisoning - ouch! every foodie's worst nightmare.

    1. Hi The Yum List, yes, it is. I think luck plays a great deal in it cause if one is unlucky, one will be ill with it. =/

  2. Packing? Forgive me, but I would have missed it if you mentioned it in an earlier post but where are you going?

    1. Hey again, suituapui! The post is here:

      Well, I'll be moving to a smaller place in another neighborhood before my permanent departure to Australia/NZ. Not easy to pack up the whole house, if I may add...

  3. P.S. Hey! I'm not in your blogroll, I see or am I?

    1. *smacks head* Oh my, please forgive me, suituapui. I've been busy away from the computer, running errands on Mama Carrie's behalf and packing that I had forgotten about it. Now that you reminded me, I shall add you into my blogroll right now. =)

  4. HI!
    Hope Mama Carrie's ok now.
    Hope you're fine and not too tired for all that packing!
    Have a nice Sunday!

    1. Hey Laura,

      Thank you for your concern. =) Other than a dry cough and a little colorless phlegm, Mama Carrie's getting better now but it'll be a long way ahead before she's 100% recovered.

      It's a surprise that I've not crashed yet because I'm really tired after all those packing. And when I move to the new place, I'll have to unpack all of the boxes again. =.="

      Have a nice, peaceful Sunday too! =)


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