Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I dreamt that we waited for our separate buses to head home after an outing somewhere. I don’t remember where we went, though. I thought I saw someone at the corner of my eye and turned to make sure that it was a human being I saw, not an apparition. Although his back faced me, his aura bore a familiar resemblance to someone. I poked my friend in the arm and told her about it. She agreed that it looked like the same person whom we knew - she even mentioned his name - except that his hair color was different and this person was taller than our acquaintance. Since I hadn’t seen the acquaintance in years, there might have been the possibility that he dyed his hair and sprouted like a bean sprout.

When I turned again to see if it was really him or just a doppelganger, the person vanished from the spot where he stood. I figured that it was most likely because he found the person or the bus whom he waited for. I was surprised to see him because he hadn’t crossed my mind for such a long time. I couldn’t dwell on it for long, though. The next thing I realized, my friend’s bus was making the turn around the corner. She was bidding me adieu before she waited for the bus to arrive at a stop.

I paced the floor while waiting for mine to come and gave up after an hour. I called Papa Carrie to collect me from the station. When he arrived, he brought me to this nearby restaurant that sold dim sum. I immediately recognized as a Taiwanese eatery because the lady boss spoke in Hokkien. On top of that, most of the diners spoke Taiwanese Mandarin.

I sort of had an idea about the meaning behind the dream the minute I woke up from it. I’d like to think that my subconscious is at the stage where it craves comfort but doesn’t want anyone to come close for the fear of scaring them with my dark side. Trust me, if you see the inner workings of my brain, you’ll either be weary or scared off. It’s also possible that the subconscious also wants to drop everything and take a trip to a place where I can be a tourist yet allow myself the time to recuperate from life’s challenges.

According to the online interpretation, it gave me another angle towards the dream. It suggested that there are changes to love and life. What it meant was that I’m starting to doubt the timing when my soulmate would make an entrance. My psyche wouldn’t recognize love when it sees it if the time is not right. I somehow know at the back of my mind that there is someone special in the horizon but indefinitely quarantined somewhere, lol. The dream might serve as a warning that the careful structure I’ve carved out for myself is about to take an unexpected turn - as a result of what, I can’t decipher.

Maybe it’s love.

Maybe it’s job opportunities out of Adelaide.

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