Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year '12

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Meteorological Department's prediction was right; it's going to be a wet festive season. Even though it's only the morning of the eve, it's heavily raining at my place and exuding a sense of coldness to it. You know how cold the rain can be.

I'm taking a week off from the blogging world. And until then, stay safe and let the Water Dragon bring out the inner Dragon in you this year! =) 恭喜发财! 万事如意!


  1. gong hei fatt choy! i assume its a week off to spend time with your loved ones and friends:D

    have a blessed year of the dragon!

  2. Hey! Yeah, apart from spending time with loved ones and friends, I spent most of the time either sleeping or relaxing at home.

    Have a blessed Water Dragon to you too!


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