Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Written Confusion

Our school was different in such a way that it houses a convenience store and a book store for the students and teachers who stayed back after classes for revisions and require related materials and tidbits. I wish there was such a school in real life~!

It was on one fine mid-morning that I wanted to rush down to the toilet and the teacher asked another classmate to accompany me. To be on the safe side, you know.

Something terrible happened on the way back. The same classmate who had accompanied me to the toilet turned into someone possessed and wreaked havoc on everything around her using magic. The clouds had turned dark grey and there was powerful thunder and lightning. She didn't look like the person that we all knew; her hair covered her face and she was walking like a Chinese zombie.

I feared for my safety and hugged a statue of Mother Mary in tears and pleading, "Forgive me, Mother Mary, for I have sinned."

The irony of it was that I've been made to understand in Catholicism that it is the priest that one confesses one's sins to, and not to Mother Mary as She only intercedes one's prayers through the Rosary. Up until now, I do not understand the meaning behind this dream.

Does this mean that I'll have to have a word with the priest on this?


  1. If I had a dream like that, I would be so scared by it. Were you quite shaken by it the morning after? Yes, if you feel like it's going to bother and confuse you, you should talk to someone. They might provide a better understanding and give you their perspective towards it. But don't worry too much about the dream. It's just our brain over-thinking sometimes. :) Hope you had a good Chinese new year too.

  2. The weird part was that I was not terrified by it a single bit. Nope, I was only puzzled that I had such a dream but to dream of human-like ghosts spells trouble in Mama Carrie's dictionary. I'm going to let it weigh on my mind for the next couple of days and see if I need the priest's explanation on it.

    My Chinese New Year was alright, I guess, but I hope yours was better! =)


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