Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Thoughts

There are many times when I want to hide from everyone and gather thoughts about life.

A beautiful morning at Gurney Drive, Penang

It's a ruthless world that we're living in where it has gone from bad to worse. Gone are those days when children could walk to the shops or anywhere without any worries. It's so dangerous now that one has to look over one's shoulder once in a while for suspicious human beings. Even the Carries are worried whenever I'm out with friends but I understand their concern and it leads me to another matter.

I've been harrassed by idiotic buggers so many times that I really want to bark at them for being funny. I really do but I don't want to bring more problems onto myself by telling them off but I don't want to bring more problems onto myself by telling them off. I can never be downright honest and straight like Ms. K.

To be honest, I'm not the tad bit surprised that folks will enter and leave one's life at different phases. It's damn difficult to remember someone with little or no contact unless there is something unique to the person. Every 7 years was what I read and it mentioned that those who stay behind are the true friends. No wonder I heard someone mentioning that communication is vital in a friendship too.

Readers, what do you think of life? Has it treated you well or has it given you hell on earth? For me, the situation is not so dire until I cry myself to sleep. No, it merely needs some changes and tweaks to it.

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