Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post Chinese New Year

Hey there, I'm now back from my break with some updates of the festivity.

I had been asked whether I had returned home for the reunion dinner and to visit both sets of relatives but I had chose to stay behind in the city instead. Both sets of grandparents are buried six feet under and all the relatives had been busy welcoming both the God of Fortune and the Water Dragon into their homes with their families, to which I'm not complaining about.

Yes, you heard that right; not all share the same religion.

Sunset at One Avenue

The city was not deserted to the point where it was eerily quiet but there was less traffic than normal. I'm not sure about the shopping malls because I had refused to be squashed by both the weekend and holiday crowd.

Yeah, try going to the Curve or Sunway Pyramid during a weekend afternoon and you'll see what I mean but that's for another post another time. Now, you may be wondering how I spent my Chinese New Year (CNY) in the city. Well, it was pretty mundane.

The Curve
  • The eve was spent at Kampachi Equatorial having a farewell meal and watching the live broadcast of the special Taiwanese programs.
  • The 1st day was spent lolling at home and catching the reruns of any programs that we had missed.
  • The 2nd was spent hiking Bukit Kiara where we caught a glimpse of an old acquaintance leaving with his wife just as we arrived.
  • Mama Carrie tried and failed miserably to bake an egg and spinach quiche on the 3rd night as the egg refused to be cooked in the oven. I must thank God that the raw egg didn't give us any issues the next day.
  • And life pretty much returned to its normalcy on the 4rd day when we swung by the organic store to purchase the week's worth of groceries. Except that some of the shops have remained closed up until now. I hope they open tomorrow because business needs to be back to usual.
CNY has never been a big deal in my life except for the red packets, I reckon. As a young girl, I had always looked forward of swinging by my late grandparents' place to receive red packets from them. The amount never bothered me; what mattered was that they appreciated this grandchild of theirs coming to visit them. What's funny is that I've done a drink company's commercial in the 90's that represented just that: one big family congregated at the matriarch's home.

Now, I've found no interest in celebrating the festivity and especially after Papa Carrie left to reside on the farm that he had bought, festive seasons are merely bleak reminders. I don't think the busy relatives would even notice my absence this time 'round. =D

IPC Shopping Center

Even as I type this post, both neighbors have invited family members and friends over for a meal and bonding. I can hear them laughing in a conversation and enjoying a glass or two of alcoholic or merely fizzy drinks.

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