Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A late welcome to 2012

Please pardon me for not posting exactly on New Year's Day as I was under the weather, battling a cough. Here is a recap of some happenings that happened last year.


I swear, I'd have hunted down those fellows who let off the loud firecrackers even after midnight. Sorry, folks, just because it was the Chinese New Year festival didn't mean that you could be let off the hook. While a majority of the festive songs had pounded on my head, something so petty that can be avoided had brought the wrath out of me and sealed the deal.

No more cheaper flight tickets from now on, you hear me, Mama and Papa Carrie? If she hadn't chose to listen to their advice, we could've canceled the trip with ease.


I was secretly elated that God listened to my pleas or I'll have had to unleash on my fury on that specific person and with that behind my mind, Leigh and I hung out in Sunway Pyramid shortly before the news of her deployment knocked on her door.


I don't know who to credit as it came in an email forwarded to me

Holy Thursday rained with such fury that the drive to Church suddenly turned precarious. Man, the windscreen had been painted with the intense raindrops and the water licked at the car wheels, ready to kill the engine. I couldn't help but wonder if it was a wet blessing or merely the work of a tropical storm.

Easter Vigil was not fun as some of us parishioners struggled to stay awake during the Baptismal process. Believe me; some of them were brave enough to steal forty winks under the Celebrant's nose. See what I mean? When a Mass ends late, that's what you'll end up seeing. Sleepy eyes.

As for me, I only crawled into bed at 3 am on an Easter Sunday due to Mama Carrie's problematic cell phone and forced myself to arise 6 hours later.


It was on one fine weeknight that I wrote a dedication to someone while Mama Carrie was busy with a client elsewhere; sensed that the person behind the inspiration was honored and flattered by the poetry. Did my part in contributing to Missy Cheerio.com's post and wrote a little behind the start of this little blog and my own "curves in blogging" had led me to where I am in the blogosphere.

I'm not going to say much about the trip to Port Dickson, but it was an absolute waste of time and gas. The only good thing that I was able to take away from it was the discovery of an iced blended lemon tea from the Lounge Gallery.


Warehouse sales are never great if and when the organizer doesn't pour lots of details into the layout and traffic organization and the execution of it. I had enough of it after the horrendous experience of queuing under the burning hot sun and being shoved around for ninety minutes until my pair of ears was reddened, almost to the point of being burnt. You should've seen the intense traffic that had poured out of the industrial park and into the main roads.

Pfft... =.="

And once again, water licked at the wheels while we wracked our minds as we tried to cross the flash flood without drowning the car engine to death. Thank God for that bright genius who had played the part of a traffic cop for the day and diverted the traffic in the rain.

Really, where are the traffic cops when they are most needed?


There's one person I shall hold responsible for this.

NAPBAS was within reach and yet I declined the invitation because Mama Carrie isn't familiar with the roads leading to Putrajaya. Papa Carrie on the other hand had some prior work commitments to deal with. For what those attendees had written on their blogs, the event had been exceptionally lovely and pictures were exchanged.

Hmm, I wonder whether I'll have the chance to present myself when the next one comes around.

The Church

Empire Gallery's Christmas decoration

Maybe the fact that the Christmas Vigil always ends late annoys me a lot, but I don't think I've ever regretted attending it. The atmosphere will leave me high until the next morning. Unlike the Easter Vigil, the organist will drown himself in the music and the choir had sang their hearts out, leading the parishioners on its course and lifting the hearts and spirits of the congregation.

As much as I hope the whole of this year would have more bang to it, there's a part of me that knows that it'll be the same, old mundane. I'm not writing resolutions because I know I can never achieve all of 'em or even at least half of it. Sigh.


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