Thursday, July 19, 2012


We had arranged to meet in front of Watsons in AmCorp Mall since the residences could only be accessed by those having the authorized cards. Since I was duper early, I decided to walk around the mall to kill the time and found a couple of interesting items that included a beautiful white skirt with painted purple flowers that doubled up as a strapless dress and stalls selling homemade cookies and accessories.

It was while I was making the payment for two shares of futomaki that I received a message on my cell, signaled that Eric had arrived at the agreed place. I replied that I was buying something and would be there in between five to ten.

When I had arrived there, we exchanged short words and a hug before he brought me up to his 2R1B condo located on the 22st floor. The minute he flung the door open, I found my paternal cousin, Kate Angela, seated on the couch with eyes glued to the TV. Not too sure why she was there, but asked nothing.

I felt relieved that I had made the decision to purchase the two shares of futomaki and treated both Eric and Angela to it while I hovered to his kitchen to brew us a jar of green tea. I knew his place quite well; I have been there too many times not to have it embedded in my mind. Furthermore, he allowed me to treat his place like my own.

My thoughts: OK. Why I had dreamed of Angela, I don't have the slightest clue. I don't remember ever meeting her as she's forever based in Sydney (or Melbourne, ask Papa Carrie) and rarely returns. Can't blame her; she has a family of her own now. But I'm however aware that she's a younger brother - his name is Marcus - who died in a car accident 2 years before my grand entrance. From what Papa Carrie mentioned, it was so horrific that he sustained severe injuries and landed their mother in hospital for quite a while.

I've seen Marcus's picture in the home obituary that his parents had made for him; exact replica of his father, the small sharp eyes, the bulky jaw.

I know this dream means something; I can feel it. I can feel that the subconscious me is craving for a day out with the girls and throw out our worries on the table, leaving each other with fruitful and appreciated advices.


  1. Just a dream... Don't read too much into it. It happens sometimes.

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    1. Hi suituapui, you're most welcome. =)

      I usually brush it off but if it happens more than once, I can't help but wonder if something's up or if someone's trying to tell me something...

  2. thanks for dropping me a very constructive comment dear... would love to hear more from you yea! Anyway, cheer up!! Live your life to the fullest!! ;D you seem abit dull and unhappy in writing this post...^^ heh

    1. Hi Eunice, you're welcome and thanks for stopping by. =) I promise, I'll try my best to stop by your blog when I can.

      You're right; I was a little unhappy when I was writing about the dream. I've too much going on for me. =/


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