Monday, July 23, 2012

The Almost Impossible Wishlist

Dream Locations

I had always thought that Sydney was Australia’s capital city until my sojourn in Auckland where I found out that it has always been Canberra that held the proud honor of being the capital city, not Sydney, even though the latter is larger and more populated. It pretty much has the same story; to prevent rivalry and a big fight between two large cities, a smaller one was chosen to be the capital. That’s what I heard in Auckland that Wellington became the capital because of it.

But inasmuch as I’d love to visit Sydney, it’s really Melbourne that I want to go to because of the CBD, shopping and food. Sydney’s more of an entertainment city where you can find the Aussie version of Broadway and the Opera House.

Maybe you could provide me with some insider details on the places I should visit and the eateries I should patronize when I’m there? =D Look, once I’ve saved enough money to finance the trip that will include accommodation, food and shopping, you shall find me there with my trusty oversized pair of sunglasses.

Believe me when I say that I have visited this place more than once because that’s the truth. I’ve always stayed back in this place whenever Papa Carrie had his hockey-related things next door at the stadium. Yes, the hill is next to the hockey stadium. Mt. Eden is the name of the place, I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong, yeah?

The hills there are spared the intrusive development and if you make your way up by foot or car, you’ll meet with an inactive crater. If you’re daring enough, you can make your way down there. As much as I was frightened with the height, I had made my way there and almost lost my footing on the way back. Stupid pair of shoes!

The best memory I have of the place is one dog owner – a Caucasian lady, I remember – allowing me to play Frisbee with her Golden Retriever. Of course I had asked her for permission and I could see it in the dog’s eyes that it was more than happy to play with me. It profusely wagged its tail, expressed his happiness and enthusiasm.

But yeah, with all that has been said, I missed my time and would want to return there for a winter/summer holiday if I can since I now know how to handle their cold, windy winter.

Dream Cars

Credits to Nissan LEAF for the image

OK. I’m not sure why Mama Carrie likes the design of it, but I know that it’ll take a while for me before I’m used to seeing it on the road even though it’s fresh and unique to society. It was the sky-blue color that we saw on the road a couple of days ago, caught our attention.

I’m still eying on that red sporty Sentra, though.

What can I say about the Prius?

First, I must say that after I saw the recent launch of C, I still prefer this model’s design. Even though I can’t imagine myself behind the wheels of this eco-friendly and sleek model, I really don’t mind having my hands on it even though if it meant bringing it around for a test drive. I need to know how good it is, the comfort especially. I don’t want the back passenger to complain of any bumpy feeling whenever the car is on the road, ferrying people.

If anyone of you happen to own a Prius, please share your thoughts about the car.

Property Investments

To own a bungalow means you need to have loads of greens in hand even for the down payment because the prices run into the millions, even for Planters’ Haven. Hover over to the website and you’ll read that there is nothing but serenity and greens surrounding the neighborhood.

I’m not saying that I’ll like to invest in a bungalow as my first property because that’ll make me work for two centuries before I can even think of it.

Credits to Sunway Properties | BayRocks for the image

And the same goes with South Quay.

I’ve not gone round comparing prices now because I don’t have the financial means just yet and furthermore, why would I want to do it now when the property market will change in the next 5 to 10 years? Nobody knows if it’ll shoot up sky high or crash upon the bursting of the bubble. (But truth be told, I'm waiting for the market to crash so bad that it'll yank the property prices down with it. The price even for a small pad is quite high now.)

I’ll wait; I’ll wait until I’m financially, mentally and physically prepared to throw some greens into property investments. My eyes are however set on LaCosta and since there’s no way I’ll make it to be the first owner, we’ll see how it goes when I’m a working adult with greens to spare. If it’s meant to be, I will be an owner there.


  1. One Tree Hill? No more tree, I think. Last I heard, some activist or protester took an axe and went to the top and chopped the tree down.

    1. It's been almost a decade since I was last there and yeah, I did read about it, suituapui. It was removed by activists who believed that the NZ Government hadn't given them fair treatment. (Source: Wikipedia)

      But it will forever be remembered by that name. =)


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