Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Brief Dream

Credits to Fun New Zealand for the image

Since there was a heavy presence of negativity that soured my emotions, I knew that I had to take a trip out to a familiar town, the only town that I can say that I know as well as my hometown, to catch a breath and enjoy the beauty that it had offered. And perhaps to stuff my face with the popular, well-known snacks.

At the top of my list was to visit a childhood friend who had owned a successful beachside restaurant and during her off-time, she brought me around town, explained that the town had undergone some minor changes to capitalize on its natural landscape and beauty to lure more tourists to visit.

We passed by my aunt's modest-sized coffee shop restaurant but since she was busy with customers, I figured that I'll pop by later when she was much freer.

Really, I've been subconsciously craving to get away from all these mess in the form of a flight abroad or a drive out of town, but I can't; I have to clean it up all before end of this month. I guess if I want to keep my temperature in check, the only respite I have is to deafen my ears.

So, yeah, until that day comes, I shall keep on dreaming about food trips and travels.


  1. Hope you are feeling better now after the trip =)

    1. I wish, but the trip didn't do much to keep my spirits high. =( I'm just waiting for the time when my wallet will allow me to travel to HK/Taiwan for a escapade.


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