Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why, of all the time, must this matter happen now?!

P.S. I have to write it in a cryptic manner because I have someone's ego to look out for. If I were to write the actual events publicly, I think it will further complicate the situation that I'm going through now. Public defamation would merely land me with a court case and expensive attorney fees, nothing more than that.

I do not like it one bit; the unnecessary stress of running around town with papers and spending hours and hours in front of clearance items and boxes after boxes - at least a dozen here; I don't want to count in exact - has really gotten onto my nerve so much that it had landed me with such a severe backache that all I want is to rest in my bed until the pain has subsided to a bearable stage.

And as if that's not enough, my temperature has risen with intense fury and anger, all because of you. Yes, I'm holding you responsible for it because we both know that you could - and should - have waited until the stipulated time before you chose to set your foot in, rushed and instigated your way through to shoo me out in search for a better substitute. Okay, you may not think so but you should've taken a peek at it and value the true extent of it before you even thought of interference; it's not as worthy as gold, I'm telling you now.

So, you think that by hiding in the shadows, I won't know your tactic but the truth is that you're so wrong. One look at the situation, and it tells me that you want me out and would rather have me slide out at my own free will for your own personal gain than me holding you responsible for it. But sorry, it can't be done because you are indeed responsible for it; it should in fact be counted on your head instead, not mine. I'm aware of your identity and presence but to save me from complications and you from embarrassment, I shall keep it between us. See, at least I know my boundaries!

You should really feel the fury of a scorned Scorpio, and don't say I didn't warn you. You chose this ending, so just live with it then! And speaking of regrets, I regretted for making that one blunder which would've spared me all this mess today, spared me the inconvenience posed by you! *storms off in fury*

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