Thursday, January 10, 2013

Avoidable Frustrations

Like what I told Charlie, I screwed it all up and am in for a tough time.

Who am I to blame but myself? Literally speaking, how could I have forgotten that I needed to accomplish everything before the bowl of wet cement hardened into mud? It was I who chose this route; it is I who has to be responsible for the consequences.

As the title says, all of my frustrations would have been avoided if only some proper planning and thinking had been done ahead of time.

My current sleeping pattern of collapsing on the sack only at midnight – after the entertainment news – and arising at the break of dawn by force has really shown its color. Let’s see, I’m now battling indigestion (which, if interpreted the right way, is good news for me: I won’t be a voracious carbohydrate lover) and constantly craving for siesta with my right fingers all turning achy and, sometimes, numb for unknown reasons.

Had I been able to foresee all these, why in the world would I have waited until now and slogged over all things trivial yet important to me? I’ve gone the easy way out: I’d have stayed back in the land of the long white clouds and graduate from UOA, majoring in Criminal Law.

That was the initial plan until something (and, maybe, someone) drew me back to my hometown, where my paws are buried in. Without much ado, I jumped away to avoid returning to the old habit and schedule of early mornings and late nights and, certainly, without an appropriate amount of time to catch a break and breathe the fresh air but my hurried decision landed me in this bowl of now-hardened mud.

Since none of us, mere mortals, can turn back the time to undo our mistakes, I can only do what is in my power and leave the rest to the Almighty One – even though there are a lot riding on this little, important matter. Truth be told, I’m still unsure on how things will turn out. Whether it’ll turn out north or south, it shall remain to be seen.

It’s, after all, in the Lord’s hands.

And now that I’m preparing to call it a night at exactly midnight, I am thinking, how on earth am I going to catch adequate sleep and arise early enough to absorb some of Mr. Sun’s radiance? Not only that; I can’t help but wonder how I am going to be able to stick to my short timeline and tight schedule and being able to accommodate the arrivals of my British acquaintance and my Aussie relative at the same time.

Nah, they have already planned their accommodation in advance and won’t be bothering me but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be meeting up to catch on each other’s lives.

Perhaps, something has to be sacrificed.

Maybe I’ll shorten my hours on entertainment and siesta and use that time to rush up the work, ignoring the immense numbness and pain that the fingers will cause. And maybe, the earlier I get it done, the earlier the posts will return to its normal frequency.

You get the drill, don't you?


  1. Yeah, it's often like that with me too. Friends make time for friends and the same goes for family and loved ones. I find that I have to struggle sometimes to finish stuff during CNY, and especially these few days.

    No worries, this is a very long and personal post in itself, one I liked reading! :)

    1. Huai Bin, I'm afraid that's the whole meaning of CNY, when friends and family catch up with each other after a year's worth of absence and distance.

      I can already imagine the stress of meeting up with them, but I think I'll take five after that and have a break somewhere abroad. =)

      I'm glad you liked it!


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