Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food Review: Organic Freshmart Vegetarian, Subang Jaya (2nd Visit)

Since the crisper had been severely depleted with nothing much left in the fridge and since we hadn’t had the time to pick up a couple of ingredients from the grocery store, we instead drove straight to Organic Freshmart Vegetarian after Sunset Mass to pick up our dinner.

It’s one of the many places that I often go to.

After Mama Carrie placed the order with the waiter, we hovered around the restaurant to while away the time when, with a flicker of the invisible switch, the light bulb in my head went on. It was time to snoop around and take a couple of pictures for this food review.

Me being me, I never liked taking pictures of the crowd unless I have to because my photography skills are never as great as Mama Carrie’s and I can’t bear the thought of all the diners posing away in front of the camera.

I had always known that Freddy’s place enjoys brisk business during the weekends and weeknights and serves the affordable (economy) lunch that the office employees love a lot. But since there were way too many diners to deal with, we decided that we’d just have the order take-away and eat it at home instead.

Dining Area

One of the two dining areas

Merchandise Area

Another section of the merchandise. Here, Organic Freshmart Vegetarian sells a variety of organic items such as flours, noodles, sauces, fruit juices and rice among others.

There is a smaller dining area, with tables of four chairs each.

Mini Hawaiian Pizza (with the thick crust), RM 8.90

Whenever I'm there for dinner, I'd always order this dish as I love it a lot. My taste buds tell me that there isn't excessive sugar or salt, which is a guaranteed plus!

Even after being cooked in the oven, the pineapple is still juicy and the capsicum still has the crunch. I also like it that the cheese don't overpower the overall taste of the pizza. From what one employee told me, the cheese is vegetarian-based and handmade. He did rattle the list of ingredients away, but I didn't catch any one of them.

Vegetarian Sushi, RM 7.90

The restaurant's version of the ever-popular Japanese sushi.

There's no taste to it, except for the natural, raw taste from the vegetables and a little kick from the mayonnaise.


Opposite the cashier, you'll find the bread section.

And behind it, you will find the chiller, where the organic miso, organic tofu and Japanese organic mirin are kept in.

Cold Room

Walk a little further and you'll find the cold room, where a variety of organic vegetables can be found. If you're lucky, you might just able to buy the ever-elusive paku/midin.

Shop's exterior

Address: 17 & 19, Jalan SS18/1B,
                47500 Subang Jaya

Telephone: 03- 5636 2468

Landmarks: Organic Freshmart Vegetarian is located behind the NPE (New Pantai Expressway) flyover, directly opposite the SS17 Police Station and the Fire Station. 


  1. ooo, i have some vague recollection of this place ... it serves pretty decent hakka lui cha, right. that's one of my favorite chineses dishes, actually :D

    1. Hey there, Sean!

      You're right. The restaurant serves the fairly decent (Hakka) lui cha; have tasted it a couple of times, loved the healthy soup (with the basil and all). =)

      I presume you've gone for the chak fan before?

  2. Hey great review! It seems like a good place to drop by for a grocery shopping session, something I love to do.

    Haha! I notice that about crowds too - some *will* actually pose, while some will look away. :)

    1. Thanks, Huai Bin! Cool, but isn't Subang a little out of the way for you? Speaking of grocery shopping, you could try Justlife Ikano too... they have a couple of cool items too! =)

      I'm one of those who will either look away or run far, far away from the camera - unless the photographer wants me in the picture...

    2. Yup, it is but I go to Ampang too (which is wayyyy out of the way for me).

      Thanks for the tip! I haven't seen that place in Ikano before. :)

      I would just ignore the camera, that's what I usually do.

    3. No problem! Ampang's pretty out of the way for me too, which is why I rarely go down...

      If you're going to shop there, do let me know in advance. Because I'm a member there, I can PM you the number. (It's between 5% to 10% cheaper, if you buy under a member's name or join as a member). Justlife's on the same floor as the Post Office and next to Brabantia.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too, Yum List, although Subang's pretty much saturated with organic shops now.

      I'm just hoping that there will be more organic shops opening in other neighboring districts/suburbs instead.

  4. Replies
    1. Really, Eve? That's cool!

      Who knows we might even run into each other there on one fine day?

  5. didnt know there's ss18 in subang!!! Btw, I think i need something light like this....Been stuffing myself too much lately...;P

    1. I don't blame you, Eunice. I didn't even know there was a Section 19 in PJ too! >.<

      Try the plate of sushi; you'll love it! Oh yeah, if and when you are around SS2, do swing by Woods Eco (near to SSTwo Mall). I know that the owner serves pretty delicious and healthy dishes like raw salads and Japanese bentos. =D


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