Saturday, January 19, 2013

Neighborly Annoyance?

Urgh, I think I have bitten off more than I could chew.

I shouldn’t have promised anyone a copy of that; should have just taken my own sweet to complete the copy and perfect it – to my satisfaction. It however doesn’t matter now. I’ve lost all inspirations and muses on it and I’m sure those eager recipients have forgotten all about it.

Ransacking the kitchen cabinets for the stainless steel cake cutter (or knife, whichever is the correct one) has resurrected the annoyance at the whole episode of moving again. On one side, I hear that every item of mine has followed me but on another side, I’m seeing that some of the items have grown legs and fled the scene.

For the Grace of God, not that handy cheese grater!

(Um, if any one of you, readers, happen to occupy my previous place and notice that the kitchen’s second drawer (the one nearest to the dry kitchen sink) is full of kitchen accessories and items like the cake cutter and ladles, please keep it aside and let me know. Even though it’s been months, I still want the items back.

Thanks in advance, yeah?)

I don’t know if I should hold the previous landlord accountable for this; he obviously could’ve chosen for a better time to serve the eviction letter instead of choosing that awkward timing – when all the packing and arrangement fell on my head.

FYI, I’m still pissed at the whole thought of it now that I’m seeing the ugly side of my current neighborhood. There’s so many cons here that I’m starting to wonder, why on earth did I move here in the first place and not near the favorite haunt of the hills?


And since I’ve managed to throw some time out of my packed schedule, I think I shall jump at the opportunity to loll around the house. That particular neighbor shouldn’t have complained that the dog will bark whenever there’s a fellow furry friend passing by when the same dog chose to wake me up at the crack of dawn.

That was yesterday’s story. *yawns*

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