Monday, August 25, 2014


When one hasn't been able to sleep well for three consecutive nights, stuff happens in a random way.

I dreamt that after pulling an all-nighter to keep a mutual acquaintance company until he eventually fell asleep on the couch in his exhaustion, my roommate and I were famished than we were drowsy, choosing to satiate our growling stomach instead. We walked miles to the neighborhood business district and to the newly opened cafe called Mochi Place.

It was packed to the brim when we entered, but thank God we managed to find an empty table and waited for the waiter to clear the cutleries and receive our orders. While waiting for someone to attend to us, the sneaky me captured a picture of the messy table and the restaurant logo before uploading both onto Instagram.

After waiting for around 90 minutes at the airport departure gate, we finally boarded the aircraft and couldn't wait to settle in our seats. It looked pretty much like Air Asia X in real life, but this was much more spacious and our tickets were of the economy class, not the business one.

The chief stewardess came running after me, muttered that the biometrics was necessary and the device I was holding only registered one passenger. I couldn't decipher what she said and asked her to explain in detail. She said that in summary, she needed my biometrics since Mama Carrie's was taken during check-in.

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