Friday, August 8, 2014


Contrary to the fact that we are harboring similar emotions towards campus, there are no hard feelings, especially since it is through there that brought us together as a homogenous yet diverse family.

I dreamt that half of us were attending an event in the hotel ballroom, where the winners of a college-organized contest will be announced. I was part of the planning team (why is this inferring to Hear Us Out '11?) and although I was in charge of the registration, I was assisting someone with the seating arrangements as well. Friends (or more like Period 5 English classmates) were scattered in large numbers outside the large hall.

Instead of joining the rest of them for a drink after the ceremony, I left with another chum of mine in search for the item offered by our favorite haunt. It wasn't until the security guard pointed us in the correct direction that we managed to dig our way out of the shopping mall.

I was pretty much exhausted when I arrived home, but nothing was better than cycling away from the miseries of the day. Riding behind me was the two neighbor kids that I've grown to love as siblings and friends concurrently.

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