Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Not So.... Speechless Sunday #2

Those who have seen me drawing will know that I'm not the artistically creative/talented one of the family. My forte lies buried somewhere else and yet I was able to sail through the Photoshop unit with exuberance. The scores I've earned for the Yearbook assignment will vouch for itself.

Yes, all of the Media Arts students - both the Periods 3 and 6 classes - had to design the page for the chosen event and the best submission will earn a spot on the Yearbook. You'll have to dig through it to find mine. ^^

But I've never been able to produce an impressive logo. =.=

Illustrator tool used: shape-builder tool (eclipse)

Illustrator tool used: pencil

Illustrator tool: knife

Illustrator tool: scissors

On to the next program...

Photoshop tool: paint bucket

Photoshop tool: type

The final product....


  1. Hey, that's so cool! Now you can have your own blog logo!

    1. Thanks, Shirley. =) Blog logo, nah. My artistic skills are not that great yet. =/

  2. I think it looks nice too, but maybe less purple and more the current background color of your blog? That'll look really nice!

    1. Thanks, Huai Bin, I'll definitely take your advice into consideration when I'm changing the background for my blog soon. =D Who knows I'll replace the blog title with a logo instead by then? =)


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