Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pull me in multiple directions; break me into pieces

Inasmuch as I should explore the city (more like cafe hopping) or revise on the legal terminologies (such as vicarious liability, reasonable limits, undue hardship and more), the otaku in me merely wants to chill to her favorite American drama series while having some time out without caring the least about her surroundings.

Carefree, as they describe it?

But I'll never be given that opportunity, unfortunately, considering the current state of situation that I'm in. As mentioned before, in between the clutter clearing chore (oh, yay, the first alliteration!) and chasing birds, I have to prepare for university. Like everyone who has furthered their studies abroad before are aware of, the prerequisites would include primarily the student visa and medical exam but not excluding the apparel and accommodation.

I'm in a quandary, especially when everything is depending on the acceptance letter. I can't hold a part time job now as I know that I'll be exhausted to the core before classes begin in February. I can't purchase the flight tickets because of the same reasons abovementioned although there's a part of me that's worried after the recent aviation disasters.

And then there's the gang of friends waiting to send me off with their best wishes. They don't want me to leave without at least meeting them up for drink somewhere nearby the campus or at a mutually agreed place. That, I can understand. So yeah, once all of the above is rock solid, I'm able to inform them of my departure date and have the farewell meal with them.

But that's something only time can settle, and it's premature for me to color my hair white over it. Stay chill; it's a hyperbole. Although I'm suppressing the desire to speak about something plainly because it's a sensitive issue (to me) in a public arena, I'll deal with it privately. With that being said, I'm feeling much better after pouring the indescribable emotions out onto the table.

Nothing like some good ole vents, don't you think? *winks*

I can only keep my fingers crossed that I won't lose my sanity soon....

Anyways, I was dragged downtown to complete an unfinished business and in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, we walked from Wisma Cosway to Pavilion before crossing the road to Sungei Wang under the immense heat for some window shopping. Mama Carrie kept repeating that the latter would be the best place to find presentable apparel without blowing the wallet open. I have no idea why, but I suffered from a limping paw and felt the exhaustion creeping into my bones towards the end of the afternoon.

You'd think that we would head home right after that, right?

Nope, we rushed to the favorite grocery store to purchase the week's cooking ingredients as the vegetable crisper was once again dangerously empty.

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