Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Not So.... Speechless Sunday

There's only one feeling after doing this...

I am relieved that I still remember how to maneuver around Adobe Illustrator, seeing that I blew my eyesight for the night when it came to completing the assignment for this program. *winces*

Illustrator tools used: shape and pencil

Illustrator tool used: typography

Photoshop tool used: paint bucket

Final Product:

The space constraint didn't allow me to write "The Tempremental" inside and this completed piece is reminding me of a company logo for the internet café. I guess I should've started off on the drawing board with a written vision and take it from there instead, like what we were taught to do in Media Arts.


  1. Nice! I never learnt how to use Adobe Illustrator and only use PS for the most basic functions (resize, crop, adjust brightness/contrast etc).

    1. Thanks once again, Huai Bin. =) I'm sure PS is a more commonly known Adobe program than Illustrator because it has all the functions that we need.... yet it doesn't come cheap.

      It took me such a long time to maneuver around Illustrator, lol.


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