Tuesday, September 9, 2014

20 Facts About Me (Blogger Version)

Before I begin, the one I'm posting here will slightly differ from the facts that I've posted on Facebook and Instagram because there are personal details of mine that should not be exposed to the blogging world.

And so, after Kaveeta, Alicia and Krissy all nominated me to do this through the abovementioned platforms, I figured that I'll extend a copy here, in case you are curious about me.

1) I drink wine. Cherry red wine is my favorite.
2) Music is my life.
3) It sounds awfully ridiculous, but I always fool myself into believing that I'm drinking beer or vodka (never had either and won't be touching it) when it's just plain water that I'm having.
4) I used to write song lyrics and poetry for fun.
5) Speaks Mandarin but barely know how to write in it.
6) Listens to rap, rock, pop and country in addition to gospel.
7) I had a stubborn streak when I was younger (I want means I want; I don't care!!!)
8) I'm a coffee lover. I have drank 4 cups for two straight days (blame it on the weight of my subjects in 1st semester) and am willing to do it again.
9) Am still a Barbie fan - even at this age, after all these years.
10) I love to bake. That's a pretty common fact by now, but I don't harbor the intention of obtaining the Culinary Arts Degree from Lakeside.
11) Plays badminton, but am picking up table tennis.
12) Running is my method for facing stress and angst. It's like when I run, I feel free.
13) Friends to me are like my family, related not by blood but through hobbies and life/fate.
14) My favorite author's Nicholas Sparks.
15) I was once a TVC talent and a director's apple.
16) The stage is my (second) home. There's nowhere that I feel more comfortable than there, below the bright lights and drawing the confidence from the audience.
17) While Mama Carrie is the photographer in the family and Papa Carrie is the reader, I consider myself to be the writer.
18) Not artistically inclined.
19) Nothing brightens my day than to see the smiles radiating in the eyes of my friends. Ohana!
20) Loves American/World History and Law.


  1. Very interesting! What was the TVC about if I may ask? :)

    I vaguely remember you writing something about being on TV before but I can't remember it for the life of me. I've tried searching but came up with nothing.

    P/S - Being a writing is a good, you're creating content instead of consuming it, and thus contributing to the world! :D

    1. Those TVCs ranged from TNB, Johnson & Johnson and Farm's Best, Huai Bin. =) I know there's more, but I can only remember the ones abovementioned....

      Being a director's apple was a part of my past, that's why I don't write much about it nowadays.

      Hehe, thanks! =) I don't consider myself a good writer, though; I pretty much regard myself as making baby steps. ^^


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